Gmail Create Sign In

If you wish to sign into Gmail, you need to have a valid account. If you are new to the service, you will have several benefits once you start to utilize this email service. Among all email services available for free sign-up, Gmail will offer you the latest in inbox innovations and features. You will surely love the simple interface layout and the links that Google allows you to form through your Gmail account. The advantages are several:


  • When you have a Gmail account, you can directly access services like YouTube, Google+, Photos, Google Drive and others.
  • You will be able to have a personalized account created on Google Play for different Android devices.
  • You can synchronize other non Gmail accounts on your Gmail account and check messages on such platforms as well.
  • Security on Gmail is one of the strong points for which most people find this email service reliable.

For these reasons and several others, it makes sense to create an account with Gmail. If you are new to the process of creating an account with Gmail here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit on your web browser or through Google where you will find the link for Gmail on the top right hand corner.
  • Link for creating a new account is found on the Gmail main page below the login panel.
  • When you click on the link you are redirected to the account creation page.
  • Here you need to start by filling in the basic details like first and last name.
  • The next fields pertain to username for your account. You will get options to choose from as well.
  • When choosing a password for your account makes it at least of eight characters, of alphanumeric combination. It should be a combination of capital and lower forms as well as special characters.
  • The remaining fields pertain to personal information like birthday details, date, month and year format and gender details.
  • You need to provide an alternate email address as well.

These details are required on the first page of the account creation process. You can then move onto the next page where you need to choose two security questions and provide answers to the same. You also need to provide a valid contact number. A text code would be sent as a message to the number and you need to validate the same.

The above details should be entered carefully as such details will help you recover your account access in case you forget your password or when you try logging into your account from an unknown device.

When you have completed creating your account, you can choose to remain signed in from your personal computer. It is also possible to stay logged into your account through different mobile devices. That allows one to access their email account through different devices without having to sign in and out every time. However, a secure sign out is required when you access your account from a shared or a public computer.

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